Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Running Multiple Instances of Firebird
Author Carsten Schäfer
Ali Gökçen schrieb:

>Hi Carsten,
>I'm using FB2 and FB1.5.3 on my laptop like this:
>create some shortcuts on desktop with this command lines,
>To switch to FB v1.5:
>"C:\Program Files\Firebird\bin\instreg.exe" install
>"C:\Program Files\Firebird\bin\fbserver.exe" -a
>To switch to FB v2.0:
>"C:\Program Files\FB2\bin\instreg.exe" install
>"C:\Program Files\FB2\bin\fbserver.exe" -a
>You know, you can see FB icon in try bar and
>you can easly stop one and start other with some clicks.
>You can also write batch files to do this operations.
>Running them simultaneously on same PC may cause performance side
Thanks, this is working when i also set the enviroment variable Firebird.