Subject Re: Running Multiple Instances of Firebird
Author Ali Gökçen
Hi Carsten,

I'm using FB2 and FB1.5.3 on my laptop like this:
create some shortcuts on desktop with this command lines,
To switch to FB v1.5:
"C:\Program Files\Firebird\bin\instreg.exe" install
"C:\Program Files\Firebird\bin\fbserver.exe" -a
To switch to FB v2.0:
"C:\Program Files\FB2\bin\instreg.exe" install
"C:\Program Files\FB2\bin\fbserver.exe" -a

You know, you can see FB icon in try bar and
you can easly stop one and start other with some clicks.

You can also write batch files to do this operations.
Running them simultaneously on same PC may cause performance side


> >
> I'm developing software on top of Firebird.
> So I want to test Firebird 2.0 to see improvements as early as
> Of course all my customers use Firebird 1.5.
> So i want to connect to FB 2 and FB1.5 databases on the same
> I know i can restore a FB 1.5 backup to FB 2 but i cannot do it
> other way (FB2 -> FB1.5),
> and thats often needed.
> One as service and one as application would be sufficient, but
it's not
> simple like only changing ports.
> mfg
> Carsten