Subject Re: Automatically deleting bad duplicate records
Author robertgilland
> Has the field always been the primary key, or is it a field that
> no declared unique constraint that one day you decided to make a
> primary key?

Always Primary key fields

> Does the database have forced writes on?

Forced writes was not on when corruption took place, we have since
switched forced writes on.

> Have you ever copied the database using the normal [insert OS] Copy
> mechanism? If so, it is possible the header page was copied
> the transaction as uncommitted, then by the time the OS copy got to
> the data page the transaction was committed.

I don't know will investigate.

> It is of course all speculation at this point. You will need to
> provide the exact OS and Firebird version in use. Otherwise it is
> just guesswork.

Windows 2000 and Firebird

> select id, count(*)
> from tablewithproblems
> group by id
> having count(*) > 1

All tables use multiple fields, we will look at it.