Subject Re: CommitRetaining question
Author Ali Gökçen
its too easy to discover what happens in DB.
open two transaction in read-commited mode.
change something from T1 and do commit retaining.
then try to read this changes from T2 by reading same records.
change something again via T1, post it and kill its procesess or reset
the computer without any commit.
re-read changed data from T2.
what will you want to see?



P.S. you can display current_transaction number in each step.

--- In, "yeohray" <yeohray@h...>
> > Yes, eventually. The server will eventually be informed that the
> > connection is dead and the transaction status will be converted to
> rolled back.
> Thanks. I didn't realise the transaction would be rolled back. I
> thought the changes would still remain committed.
> Ray Mond