Subject Re: [firebird-support] FB Connection port other than default
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> I am using IBOConsole and it seems not to work. What
> do I have to do to configure the port 4050 for
> FBServer

Sure. Open firebird.conf and locate the RemoteServicePort parameter.
Remove the leading # and use 4050 as value. For example:

RemoteServicePort = 4050

Restart the Firebird server process then. fbserver will listen on port
4050 now (if port 4050 isn't used by another application).

Then, use the connect string as I've mentioned in my previous post. I
don't know IBOConsole, so I can't say where and how to enter that
information. If there is *one* edit box for the database path then use
server/4050:c:\.... If there are two separate edit boxes, one for the
server and one for the database path, then enter server/4050 in the
server edit box and the path to the database in the database path edit
box. Make sure that you are using TCP/IP as protocol if there is a
dropdown box or something like that.