Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: SQL comparison
Author Ann W. Harrison
Adam wrote:

>>## Turning on query timing
>>No such functionality exists.
The engine provides performance statistics which are available in
various forms through various interfaces. For ISQL, it's set stats;

SQL> set stats;
SQL> select count(*) from rdb$fields;


Current memory = 561056
Delta memory = 46844
Max memory = 563444
Elapsed time= 0.06 sec
Buffers = 2048
Reads = 29
Writes 0
Fetches = 530

The memory parameter is the memory currently used by the server. Delta
memory is the amount of memory added to execute this command. Max
memory is highest amount used during the execution of querys. Elapsed
time should be obvious. Buffers is the number of page buffers - in this
case the default. Reads are physical disk reads. Writes are physical
disk writes. Fetches are data requests satisfied in the page cache.