Subject Re: [firebird-support] Is Firebird Rock Solid?
Author German Gentile
Helen Borrie wrote:
> [...big snip]
> Remember, too, that queries that do sorts (ORDER BY, GROUP BY) will use RAM
> if is available -- greedily and indiscriminately. A few processes each
> consuming RAM for sorted output of a huge set in a long-running transaction
> will soon deprive the rest from being able to use RAM for sorts and then
> the engine will resort to using temporary files on disk (and NOT RAM
> cache). Depending on the configuration of your sort space in the
> filesystem, this could be an i/o bottleneck.
Helen, are you saying the first one process running a order by clause
will take all the memory avaliable until it finish? What happens with
the following one same condition until the first dont finosh?
That is true for both servers?(Classic or superserver)



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