Subject 回复: Re: [firebird-support] how to get the same length result
Author Yang Jin
Thank Ivan's reply and thank you Ali also.
I find the lpad function in udf.
It need three is the source string;
second is the result length; third is the default string to fill the blank.for example, lpad('abc', 5, '3') = 'eeabc'.
Thanks again.



.com> 写道:
Yang Jin wrote:

> I want to get the same length varchar filed in table from procedure.The content of field is '1', '12 and '123';I want to get ' 1', ' 12' and '123'.I use cast(XX as varchar(3)), but result is dispoint.
> Who can tell me a useful method, TIA!
Firebird 1.5 nows ships with a version of ib_udf that includes
a "lpad" function. That function is exactly what you are
looking for. Take a look in the release notes for details.



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