Subject Re: [firebird-support] Altering column types
Author Milan Babuskov
Tim Gahnström wrote:
> It might also be possible to do this just by changing the domain in one of the system tables. I don't know much about this but this is what my third party administration tool atempts to do when I ask it to change a type of a column.

It is possible, but it's tricky. You can do the changes and get
unrestorable database. So, after you do something like that:

1. backup the database, and try to restore it

2. dump the metadata in sql script, create new database from it, and try
to pump the data from existing one. Here's how to do it via isql and fbcopy:

isql -x current.fdb > script.sql
[edit the script.sql and change database file name to ex. new.fdb]
isql -i script.sql
fbcopy s current.fdb new.fdb

If 1) goes without errors, you're probably fine, 2) is just an
additional check.

Milan Babuskov