Subject Re: cant create new stored proc
Author d_dude_2003
I am using IB Expert to manage my DB objects.

I just did backup and restore but it doesnt help...Still the same

The procedure code is just a big number of INSERTs...maybe 10o or
150...nothing else...No difficult queries...This is the only SQL
uncommited at the moment...(i.e. the SQL which creates SP)...

Any more ideas?

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<d_dude_2003@y...> wrote:
> running on FB 1.5 i already have about 10 SPs in db
> and i need to create one more.
> here is the error message:
> Invalid token.
> Invalid request BLR at offset XXXXX.
> Too many contexts of relation/procedure/views. Maximum allowed is
> 127...
> Any ideas?