Subject Re: [firebird-support] cant create new stored proc
Author Helen Borrie
At 01:43 PM 4/10/2005 +0200, Martijn T wrote:

> > Yes, you have an object in your database - either table, procedure or view
> > - that has been changed 127 times without a backup and restore being
> > done. That is the maximum number of versions of an object that can be
> > in a database's accounting.
> >
> > You will have to back up and restore the database, to reset all of the
> > version counters.
>Could be me ... but I thought the limit was 255 ...


>and why does this fire when creating a procedure?
A good question. :-)

Methinks we need to know a little more about this SP - what it's asking to
access, etc.

Alternatively, it could be a regular-type syntax error that's getting
misreported because of a wrong firebird.msg file...