Subject Re: Query prioritisation problem
Author Adam
--- In, "Fabio" <kk_spoonman@y...> wrote:
> Hi all
> In my organization we are developing a client-server application, we
> have the following problem:
> when a client runs many queries sequentially, the other clients are
> very slow. Is there a method to prioritize queries ?

Unfortunately not. There are a couple of work arounds that might help.
Classic server allows different connections to use different CPUs on
the server if available, which may reduce this problem.

Otherwise it depends on the size and purpose of the database. For
reporting purposes where it is not essential to be running on "up to
the second" data, a good approach is to backup the database and
restore it to another machine, and run the reports on a copy of the
real database.

If you have a data abstraction layer, that layer could easily be
written to throttle the query frequency. This does not overcome all
problems, I mean it is still possible to write a query that takes a
long time to execute.

But I would investigate whether the problem is a client running many
queries sequentially, or whether the real problem is that some of the
queries are not optimal.