Subject Re: [firebird-support] Saving a BLOb?
Author Bc. Jiri Cincura
Clay Shannon wrote:
> Does anybody have a code snippet for saving a BLOb (Delphi)?
> After allowing the user to modify an image by drawing one or more circles on
> it, I want to save the modified image as a BLOb.

Something like this should help you (I'm writing by heart, check it):

IBQueryTmp.SQL.Add('INSERT INTO table');
IBQueryTmp.SQL.Add('(img) VALUES (:img)');
IBQueryTmp.Params[0].DataType := ftBLOB;
IBQueryTmp.Params[0].Value := Null;
IBQueryTmp.Params[0].LoadFromFile(ImagePath, ftBlob);
if not(IBQueryTmp.Prepared) then

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