Subject Re: [firebird-support] Is Firebird Rock Solid?
Author Aage Johansen
Helen Borrie wrote:
> ...
> You can lighten the competition for I/O by configuring sort space on a
> "quiet" disk, away from the disks where databases and RAM cache are being
> operated on. If you don't configure sort space at all, the Windows \tmp
> directory (usually on the C drive, if it hasn't been explicitly configured
> to be somewhere more sensible) is used. \tmp is typically clogged up with
> all sorts of neolithic cruft from apps that don't clean up, so it's a
> likely bottleneck on a system where Classic is already straining
> resources; and it's likely to be a source of fragmentation on the C drive
> in any event. Add that to the "typical" Windows configuration, where
> pagefile.sys is sitting, neglected and overlooked, on the C drive, and
> you've got more than a single bottleneck to address...

Condsider a dedicated server (running only Firebird) where the OS is on C:
and the databases are on other (physical) disks (D:, E: ...) and ther
server is not starved for RAM. I would think that using C: for holding
sort space and other temporary files is not a problem.
Is there really significant traffic on the Windows files here?

Aage J.