Subject Re: [firebird-support] Followup newbie question about case of identifiers
Author Ann W. Harrison
John Craig wrote:

> I propose a modification that'll make a lot of sense for those of us
> migrating from other DB's which don't make assumptions about unquoted
> identifiers in SQL statements: could we have a mode in a future
> version that skipped forcing identifiers parsed from SQL to upper case
> when they're not quoted?

Probably not... It's a SQL standard thing - identifiers are
case-insensitive and fold to upper case.
> The current behavior is very odd on the face of it

That's consistent with the standard.
> Just to clarify: Helen's comment about "re-do[ing] your database
> WITHOUT quoted identifiers" will result in all the identifiers
> appearing in the system tables in upper case, right?

> It appears that short of dropping all the tables and recreating them,
> I'm out of luck here....

Afraid so.