Subject Re: [firebird-support] rtf-to-plaintext udf?
Author Urs Liska
Alan McDonald schrieb:

> You can always do with UDF's what doing with UDFs will permit. Sorry for the
> operational definition.
> But I'm not sure what thread safety is possible with the creation of these
> objects inside your DLL. UDFs get loaded once and get called over and over.
> These high level object are little risky in my mind.
Hmm. Probably you are right with this...

> There are other full text search components around - have you tried IBO full
> text search? I don't use it but I see good comments about it. It won't work
> with RTF as you say,
I saw this on IBO's website. But I have a more complex full text search
in mind (and halfway working :-):
There is one table with words. It includes soundex values, information
whether to use the word (i.e. to exclude words like 'the', 'on' a.s.o.)
and information on base forms (like 'went->go'). Of course the latter
two informations have to be taken care of manually.
Then I have tables to join several tables with actual information to the
word list.
In the end there is a fully indexed search to look for the use of a word
in several tables including soundex search and search for words from the
same family.
> but if the client is the place where this text is
> actually created, then the client (to me anyway) is the best place to parse
> this stuff.
This sounds right. But then I give the responsibility away from the
> But that assumes you are doing the front end yourself too. If
> you are only offering a backend solution then you are stuck with trying to
> solve it the way you are going.
At the moment it is only me writing front end applications. But this
could change in the future...

Thanks for the ideas anyway