Subject Re: Asynchronous Signaling
Author Adam
There is already a similar function in Delphi in IBX (IBEvents) that
listens for events, which means it is probably already part of the
API, so don't reinvent the wheel.

My first warning would be that your callback function will not see
your data until after you commit the first transaction. I don't know
whether an event is fired immediately, or after you commit, so you
will need to look that up.

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<jhliang90us@y...> wrote:
> I am trying to use FireBird asynchronous signaling/asynchronous
> listening service. I will write a trigger or stored procedure that
> posts an event whenever any application inserts data in a table.
> Then I will write a Java client application listening for this
> and execute some AST callback function. I do not know how to start
> yet. If you have any kind of samples or instructions, please
> respond. Appreciate your help very much.