Subject RE: [firebird-support] Date Format and RowCount
Author agung wibowo
>1.- How can I format a date, for example I have this: dd-mm-yyyy and I want
this result >yyyymmdd..... there is a function?

I think date format is a client job. So you should be formating your date at
your client application. Or may be if you want to do that at server side,
you must use UDF.

>2.- How can I get the row number affected in the last Select instruction,
like @@ROWCOUNT in >SQL Server.

Firebird know have a ROW_COUNT function to get the number of rows affected
by the last DML (insert/update/delete) statement.

Please read the firebird release_notes. But if you do the SELEST statement
ROW_COUNT currently returns zero values, btw for the SELECT statement, you
can use EXISTS operator.


Agung w <>

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