Subject Re: [firebird-support] Database corruption
Author Aage Johansen
Jonathan Neve wrote:
> A while back I brought up the subject of database corruption, and I was
> basically told that IB makes it theoretically impossible (due to careful
> writes) for a database to get corrupted, unless of course it's a matter
> of file system copy of the GDB, or something like that.
> Anyway, I have again got a DB corruption on a customer's PC, and so I'd
> like to figure out what it's due to: is it a bug, or is there something
> I can do to avoid it happening?
> I'm currently using IB, on Win 98.

I you had asked on the Borland IB support group the TeamB members would
have repeated (again!) that IB/ is a beta version with the ability
to corrupt your data. At least upgrade to version (I think).

Aage J.