Subject Re: Ado string connection ti Linux Firebird Server
Author diegodelafuente
"Provider=IBOLE.Provider.v4;Persist Security Info=False;User
Data Source=; auto_commit=True"

That`s the correct Ado string Connection.
I can seek the correct way myself.

--- In, "diegodelafuente"
<diegodelafuente@y...> wrote:
> Hi:
> I'am using the "ZStyle IBOLE Provider" to access to a Local
> Firebird Database.
> The con String is this:
> "Provider=IBOLE.Provider.v4;Persist Security Info=False;User
> ID=sysdba;password=masterkey;Data
> Source=C:\BugTrack\BugTrack.gdb;auto_commit=True"
> That's works fine
> Now i wan't to try to login to a Linux Firebird DB.
> i try this:
> "Provider=IBOLE.Provider.v4;Persist Security Info=False;User
> ID=sysdba;password=masterkey;server:;Data
> Source=empleados;auto_commit=True"
> Where Server: is the ip Address of the Linux FBServer
> and empleados is an "alias" to the db in the Server.
> This string doesn't works.
> Can anyone help me ?
> Thanks
> Diego de la Fuente
> Argentina