Subject Re: Database corruption
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
--- In, Jonathan Neve wrote:
> Hi all,
> A while back I brought up the subject of database corruption, and I
> was basically told that IB makes it theoretically impossible (due to
> careful writes) for a database to get corrupted, unless of course
> it's a matter of file system copy of the GDB, or something like
> that.
> Anyway, I have again got a DB corruption on a customer's PC, and so
> I'd like to figure out what it's due to: is it a bug, or is there
> something I can do to avoid it happening?
> I'm currently using IB, on Win 98.

Well, Jonathan, upgrading to a more recent version of Firebird would
prevent some possible errors. I think IB 6 still has the possibility
of corrupting databases on Windows if two clients points to it using
different connection strings, e.g 'c:\something.gdb' and 'c:something.
gdb' (note the missing backslash).

Another possibility is if forced writes is off. I still think that can
make Firebird databases corrupt, but IB has this 'databasewrecking'
setting as default.

It do not think it is completely impossible to corrupt databases other
ways as well, but these are two common causes for corruption.