Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Question about embedded server distribution
Author Ann W. Harrison
Peter M. Jagielski wrote:
> This application is going to be for the general public, available for
> purchase and download from a website. In other words, it needs to run
> on any Win9x, Win2k, WinNT and WinXP box. It sounds like I'm going to
> need my installer program to check for the existance of msvcrt.dll and
> msvcp60.dll, and install them if necessary.

I believe that the library lookup algorithm looks first in the local
directory - the directory where the app is - in which case you can just
blindly install the uSoft libraries there knowing that your app will use
them but that they won't bother other programs on the system. This
works only with embedded, of course.

And I may be wrong about the library lookup, in which case we'll both
hear about it.