Subject RE: [firebird-support] One Transaction can PEG XEON cpu @ 100% starving others
Author Bob Murdoch

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> From: Larry Hengen [mailto:lhengen@...]
> Sent: Tuesday, January 25, 2005 10:48 AM
> Our application pegs the Firebird XEON CPU at 100% under high
> load, rendering the application unresponsive. Is it possible to:
> a) run multiple instances of Firebird on the same machine on
> a seperate CPU

I switch from the SuperServer version of Firebird to the Classic
version when we went from a single Pentium processor to a Win2k3
server with dual Xeon's and hyperthreading enabled. This
configuration immediately solved the problem you describe, where one
user running a large report would block other users from even logging

The Classic version runs multiple instances of Firebird, one per
connection. I use it with up to 20 simultaneous connections (web
server via odbc, multiple applications servers with connection
pooling), and haven't seen any performance problems. You will have to
test in your environment to see how it performs with the number of
connections you typically use.

Bob M..