Subject Re: Using Firebird with Visual FoxPro
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> Hi Mark
> At 01:44 am 25/01/2005, you wrote:
> >so I'd prefer to use ODBC which returns an xBase
> >table. However there seems to be a problem with all the drivers for
> I am using VFP, ODBC and FireBird pretty successfully, so don't worry.
> >When trying to create a remote view on a table in the test database
> >using the view designer I get the error:
> >
> >Connectivity error: Dynamic SQL Error:
> >SQL Error Code = -104
> >Token unknown - line 1, char 21
> >,
> When you are creating the view you get this error or after the view has
> been created and you are trying to browse the data? If it happens
when you
> are adding table to the remote view please note there is a checkbox
for all
> users in the add table box, please check mark it and then select
your table.

I was getting the error when trying to add a table to the view. I'll
try your solution, thanks.

> >The ODBC conection was created using the Windows ODBC administration
> >wizard (WinXP) using a predefined data source rather than a
> >connectivity string, although a quick test using a connection string
> >gave the same result.
> You got an error in ODBC connectivity? Then that is the place to
> first using Helen's suggestions.
> >If, however, I build the view manually, a tedious process to be
> >avoided whenever possible, the process is sucessful.
> Also try using
the view
> editor here will give you best of both the worlds, SQL and Visual

I use this utility as a matter of course and I was on the beta testing
team for the original version and the current version. However, the
company I work for does not use this and that is why I need to make
sure that the views for the chosen database can be created in the VFP
view designer.

> >I should mention that since we have over 7 years of developement of
> >our products using FoxPro we will not be changing to any other
> >development language in the near future, so answers to the effect of
> >use VB/Java/C++/... etc will be ignored.
> A die-hard VFP fan like me, eh. Nice to know that. I will also
remind you
> that we have SQL Pass Through using sqlexec() functions, so I will
> here and say that you can use any and all power commands that FireBird
> offers using these functions and you wont be limited to any inbuilt SQL
> commands that VFP offers.
> I have just recently started using FB as a back-end for VFP so being a
> relative newbie so I hope the above suggestions help.

I personally use a framework that can use either views or the SQL pass
though commands, but then, a VFP remote view is just a wrapper on the
SQL pass through commands. But I still need to ensure that the view
designer works.

From a practical point of view I still create the basic VFP view in
the view deisgner and then either use ViewEditor to modify/complete it
or use the VFP code created by the view designer. I only tend to use
SQL pass though if I need to use a facility that the view does not
provide. Then, I use a wrapper object to carry out the grunt work.

Thanks again Bhavbhuti

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