Subject RE: [firebird-support] Which char set contains a 'tick'
Author agung wibowo
>I need to be able to store a 'tick' character for display on a
>report. I know the wingdings font has a char 252 that is a tick, but
>I cant seem to see the equivalent in any of the Char sets that
>firebird supports.
>Is there a tick character in any of the char sets?


AFAIK, the dabase charset is not about 'thin' or 'thick' character. Is you
talking about font name.??

If yes, you must set your font name at your client application, not in your
database. AFAIK, character set is about localize your character needed, like
Arabian character or European character. The character set was created for
meet a demand about some people at the other 'world' that have a unique
character like Japanese, Arabian, or Chinese character that not known by
database default character set. May be I'm wrong :-)

agung wibowo <>

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