Subject Re: Firebird Backup on different machine
Author richardpln
Thank Helen and others ... I think you have answer my question.

" I know of no way to have the services manager on Windows write the
gbak file to a disk that is remote from the server " ... this was my
first concern. I need to learn more about the service manager. Thank.


--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@t...>
> At 04:55 PM 22/01/2005 +0000, you wrote:
> >How to backup on different machine? Exemple, i connect to a remote
> >databse and i want the backup file on my local machine.
> You use the -se[rvice_mgr] switch.
> I know of no way to have the services manager on Windows write the gbak
> file to a disk that is remote from the server; but you can take a
> copy afterwards. However, see my extra note (**) at the end of this
> >I have a second question : How can i change de default value :
> >"C:\Program" in the security database (isc4.gdb).. is this the default
> >path were the security backup is put?
> Sorry, I don't know what you are talking about here. Backing the
> database is no different from backing up any database. You have to
> a valid path where the backup file is to be written. There is no
> path". If you supply only a file name, the file will be written to the
> first location found in the system path, e.g. on Win32, this is
usually the
> system32 directory. The moral is: supply a path.
> Here's how to do a remote backup from a properly set up Windows
client with
> the correct client tools for the server version that is running on the
> remote host.
> Since you say your security database is isc4.gdb, we'll assume you are
> running a Firebird 1 server and you have the Firebird 1 tools
installed on
> the client. Here's how to back up isc4.gdb remotely.
> Get into the directory where gbak.exe is. Let's suppose that the remote
> host's hostname is MonServeur and you want to write the backup file
to an
> existing directory named d:\backups.
> gbak -b -se MonServeur:service_mgr "c:\Program Files\Firebird\isc4.gdb"
> d:\backups\isc4_20050123.fbk -user sysdba -password masterkey
> Adjust syntax accordingly if client, server is on Linux.
> Note (**) Theoretically you *should* be able to designate a backup
> path that is remote from the server. On Linux, you can write the
> file to a mounted drive that has read/write permissions. Even on
> running gbak locally, you can write the file to a network drive. But
> Windows gbak running under service_mgr seems to baulk about it,
every time...
> ./heLen