Subject Re: [firebird-support] Bulk inserts in Interbase
Author Milan Babuskov
spgilmore wrote:
> I want to know how to do a bulk-insert in Interbase 6.0 or Firebird
> 1.x. I get the impression that BDE will do it, but I am not using
> BDE. I have been using the Interbase components in Delphi 7, but
> would like to be able to do it from ISQL like I do with MSSQL, or
> even the Interbase API.
> I've searched Google, IBPhoenix, and all the IB6 PDF documentation.
> Does Interbase support this at all? I see lots of documents
> describing how to speed up bulk inserts, so I suppose it is. But
> nobody says how to do it!

Currently, only way to do real bulk inserts is to use external tables. Prepare
an external table (textual file), declare it in database, and do a:

insert into real_tables
select * from external_table;

Works really fast.

You can learn details about external tables in IB6 documentation.

Milan Babuskov