Subject Re: [firebird-support] Wildcard for Firebird
Author Thomas Steinmaurer

> I'm developing an application on .Net using the
> FirebirdNETProvider-1.6.3-NET1.1 found on the Firebird site.
> So, i need to make a query like that:
> "select from <table> where <field> like '<something_the_user_wrote>%'"
> The problem I get is: Dynamic SQL Error. SQL error code = -104 - Token
> unknown - line <x>, char <y> %
> That means the firebird doesn't recognize the % wildcard inside the
> program lines or that the FirebirdNETProvider is not working correctly
> or that the wildcard used inline the program has to be other.
> Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

The LIKE usage is fine, but you are missing a field list in your SELECT

Is this just a typo in your email or your real SELECT statement?


select * from ...

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