Subject RE: [firebird-support] Firebird on FreeBSD
Author Norman McFarlane
Hi Nigel,

Much obliged to you as you have given me a concise view of all of the
pertinent issues, and assisted me in arriving at a decision. Many thanks to

I'll be following your suggestion and sticking with CS on the FreeBSD box
for now.

Kind regards,



From: Nigel Weeks [mailto:nweeks@...]
Sent: 20 January 2005 23:52
Subject: RE: [firebird-support] Firebird on FreeBSD

I'll try and summarise where I'm up to:

> Apparently (and I am no expert) the Linux version of Firebird
> cannot be
> installed on FreeBSD as one cannot use RPM's to install under
> FreeBSD. I'm
> swimming in a sea of unknowns here, so nay help will be most welcome.

This is incorrect, as RPM is simply a container - it's easy to pull the
contents out under any operating system.
(run something like: `rpm2cpio foo.rpm | cpio -idmv` in an empty directory)

> I'm trying to follow your progress and deduce what it means. Am > I
correct in
> assuming that having found the problem, once the fix is implemented,
> SuperServer will compile, install and run on FreeeBSD?

I've almost got it building, but then there's testing to go.
Really though, in 4 years of using Firebird on FreeBSD, I've not had a
single need to use SuperServer - just give Classic a go, cause it'll take me
a week to get the SS build tested...

I've just heard back from the Maintainer, and he said (condensed): he hasn't
spent time wading through the build of SuperServer on FreeBSD as the way
Firebird uses Linux Threads doesn't lend itself well to running on FreeBSD
without significant modification. FreeBSD 5.3 has better support for
pre-NTPL Linux threads(handles cludgier code better), but there's still work
to be done.

> OK, you've answered my question (sort of). Where do I find out more about
> the Linux Abstraction layer?

Consult the FreeBSD handbook - it's got everything you need:

So, in summary, try the classic server. SuperServer on FreeBSD will be a
while...mainly because CS on FreeBSD runs so well.



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