Subject Re: [firebird-support] Event parameters ???
Author Lester Caine
benedicte_asselin wrote:

> I saw that there are events in the Firebird engine and that they are
> named. Is there any way to use them to send some kind of message
> altogether with the event (message would be 16 bytes long, i.e., the
> key of some object in the db) ?
> what interest me is that i can receive the events asynchronously in
> C++ code, and I need the parameter to make the event really useful
> to me.

There is no 'payload' in the current event. It is just a 'I've happened'.

> is there any other appropriate manner to do this using FB if not
> possible? or should I do some message queuing by myself or using
> another lib ?

I do it with a separate multicast message queue, and have done for many
years. It also monitors equipment status, and updates the EQUIPMENT
database when machines stop responding, but it's great for messages that
a record has been updated. Only the listening machines that are actually
using the record need to do anything.

I run slave copies of Firebird at each site, so synchronisation happens
when told to by messages ;)

Lester Caine
L.S.Caine Electronic Services