Subject Re: AW: [firebird-support] Windows O/S Config for 50-user system
Author Artur Anjos
Steffen Heil wrote:

> Right. But in this case you are NOT using microsoft software (windows
>services), but firebird software, which has no limits.
>I don't believe the tcp/ip protocoll stack applies as microsoft software
That's what I thought as well. But this is not a technical matter, this
is something legal that should be handle by other "people".
We can discuss this over and over. The doubt exists, the Agreement
states something that you can not take for sure.
Main conclusions are simple:

1) Yes, you can take a XP Pro box running Firebird with 50 connect users.
There isn't any limmit imposed by XP Pro to the number of TCP/IP
connections, or the limmit exists but one cares about it (high number,
much bigger than 50 for sure).
No doubt about it.

2) EULA is ambiguous
You must at least give a warning to your client about this subject, and
let him decide.
I mention a case here in Portugal that the lawyers advise my client not to.
(I really think that for a Firebird application with 50 users, the price
diference for a Server version will not be really *important* in the
Main Total of the system.)