Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird on FreeBSD
Author Milan Babuskov
Norman McFarlane wrote:
> Apparently (and I am no expert) the Linux version of Firebird cannot be
> installed on FreeBSD as one cannot use RPM's to install under FreeBSD. I'm
> swimming in a sea of unknowns here, so nay help will be most welcome.

1. rpm is not the only way to install Firebird

2. each firebird instalation (and other software too) is made of files, and some
scripts that set everything up properly. You can easily extract the files from
.tar.gz package, and copy them at appropriate place. Then read the scripts and
execute commands in them. They are mostly simple commands. I "installed"
Firebird like this on some minimal embedded-Linux system which boots and runs of
the CD.

3. Watch the overquoting, you just sent 12KB of useless text. One more reason
why top-posting is bad: people don't see that they need to cut the text. 12 may
seem harmless, but when you search message archives in couple of months you'll
get many irelevant hits.

Milan Babuskov