Subject AW: [firebird-support] Windows O/S Config for 50-user system
Author Steffen Heil

> Question:
> For a 50-user system, do I need to purchase Windows 2003 with
> 50 cals or can I just purchase a beefed-up PC running
> something like XP Pro?

Windows Server CALs are for windows services.
That includes file sharing, printer sharing, active directory, terminal
services and anything else the windows server itself or any microsoft
product on it publishes.
If you are ONLY running firebird on it, you do NOT need CALs.

However, make sure, your customer will never use that server for anything
listed above. That would make it illegal.

The os selection is about how many processors will be used.

Assuming you have at most 2 procs, I am really sure, for this scenario xp is
absolutely sufficient, even xp home edition. Apply service pack 2 and enable
fast connection creation in the registry. (xp sp2 slows reconnect speed down
to slow down viruses.) However I would really suggest installing a very good
firewall (i.e. kerio) and ONLY enabling port 3050 for firebird incoming and
only port 80 outgoing for automated updates and nothing else (except icmp).

You should pay more attention to drive storage and backup solutions than os
in your scenario. Use raid 5 (or raid 0+1) with fast scsi or sata raptor
drives and do regular backups. Also remember to give firebird enough ram to
breath. Firebird runs fast with only very little ram, but even faster with
lots of it.


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