Subject Re: [firebird-support] Installation of database
Author Uwe Grauer
Jonathan M. Freedman wrote:

> Dear group:
> I tried to find the previous post for this but could not. If I am
> going to use a windows-based machine as the server, there was some
> talk about putting the database file in the my documents folder to
> keep it from being worked on in some way by windows that inhibited
> its functionality. Is this still so? Or should it be put in the
> shared documents folder, or does it make a difference?
> Jon

never heard about putting the DB-file into MyDokuments.
Maybe you refer to Shadow-Backups on Win2003?
If so, use a different extension like .fdb instead of .gdb.
Only .gdb-files get shadowed.

If you give more info about your Problem, you will get more answers.