Subject Garbage, was Re: [firebird-support] SubSelect problems
Author jasajona
> CommitRetaining? You need to finalize it with a hard commit
> sometimes. Or you forgot it?
I changed CommitRetaining to Commit result stays the same as before.
After inserts, select performance is good. After I disconnect and
connect again performance slow down 100x. There is no removed records,
so garbage collector or sweep cannot do this. Even if I wait till that
long query ends, next query takes the same long time to execute.
Statistics shows that were millions of records fetched. Normaly that
query is loading cpu 60%-80%, after I disconnect and connect, run that
query, server loads cpu 100%. Backup and restore is not helping. So my
gues that it is FB problem. Can anyone from development teem look at
that db?

Inside this zip file there is backup of db and query to reproduce.
Please help!