Subject RE: [firebird-support] Change database owner / privileges for all tables of a database
Author Sibylle Koczian
At 11:47 17.01.2005, Alan McDonald wrote:

>changing ownership is something different to the rest of your questions.

Yes - but I could solve my present problem either way. I've got an example
database from a book, I don't need more than one user for it, I just want
to get data out of it for another application. Probably I should simply do
this as SYSDBA. Or I suppose I could dump the database to a SQL script
(working as SYSDBA), change the owner in the "CREATE DATABASE"-statement of
this script, drop the database and execute the script. It's a lot of tables
but not such a lot of data.

If I did it that way, I could change the dialect from 1 to 3, couldn't I?

>If you want to change ownership, Thomas Steinmaurer has a very neat little
>utility which does that - you need to ask him personaly for it. He's on this

Thanks, I'll think about this.

>As for grants, I think your best bet is to create a role, then grant all
>tables to teh role, then when you need to add a user, you simply grant the
>role to the user.
>If you only ever want to ave one user to use your database, then changing
>owner is your best bet.

I think so too. But - I really don't want to sing the praises of MySQL, all
in all it's no fun to use that, but in this one detail it's quite
comfortable: granting the same privileges to all tables of a database is
done with a wildcard in the GRANT statement, and you can always grant
additional privileges to a single table afterwards.


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