Subject RE: [firebird-support] Select distinct slow
Author Leyne, Sean
> the first time i run the query it is very slow taking about 30 sec
> the second time it takes about 1 sec
> Is this because there were no connections and nothing was cached or
> is there something else wrong?

The fact that the statement is taking less than 1 sec the second time
around suggest to me that you might have a db connect time problem.

What platform are you running on?

What is your database name? (If you are running XP and have a database
with extension of .gdb, then you could have a problem)

If you connect to the database using ISQL, how long does it take for the
connection to open?

I'm not saying that the extra 29sec can be explain by connect/db open
timing issues but at first glance something is just not right.