Subject Re: Target Machine actively refused it
Author mikcaau
<gkrishna@j...> wrote:
> Hi List,
> Strange problem.
> We have Firebird SS 1.0 6.2.794 with Guardian running on a twin
processor Windows 2003 server.
> we have CPU_AFFINITY set to 2
> All clients are able to connect and function properly.
> Intermittently the clients will freeze. (Stop responding). At this
time new clients cannot connect.
> During this time when we try to connect using a debugger we get a
> "No Connection could be made because the target machine actively
refused it"
> This happens on other machines on the network as well as the machine
on which Firebird Server (Windows 2003) is running.
> Our clients are written using Delphi and IBO
> Sometimes after sometime the problem will get solved on its own.
> However if we restart Firebird Server the problem is definetely
solved and clients are able to work.
> This happens about 3 to 4 times a day. During this time the
Interbase .log on both client and server is showing 10054 and 10053 errors
> At this time if we check in task manager the CPU activity is not
more than 20 to 25% and the memory usage is also quite reasonable
> Can anybody give me some idea of what the problem could be
> Regards
> gk
Try this for a list of windows tcp error messages$173

Do you have enough Client licences for yout server?