Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Broken Database after system crash on W2K
Author Tim
At 16:42 12/01/2005, you wrote:

>Tim wrote:
> > I think Ann once said that the vast majority of corrupted DBs were caused
> > by FORCED WRITES not being on.
>It does indicate that Windows is simply not suitable as a server
>environment. Finally some of my customers are thinking about Linux, and
>leaving windows to the desktop. Are we talking 20 or 30% performance hit
>with FORCE_WRITES ? ( On the smaller server machines )
>Lester Caine
>L.S.Caine Electronic Services

Our clients are running anything from WIN 98 OSR 2 to XP Pro. (I think
there are a few WIN 95 clients out there still). These systems operate in
remote areas, with dirty power as standard and computer illiterate users,
who think CTRL-ALT-DEL is the standard way of fixing all problems. (Helped
along, I must admit, by some of our help desk staff who have actually told
them that). If the three - fingered - salute doesn't work, the next line of
defence is resetting the power switch on the wall where the power cable is
plugged in.

I have never measured the performance hit. I don't care about the
performance hit. I need a system that cannot be killed, or lose data, no
matter what the users do ...



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