Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Broken Database after system crash on W2K
Author Tim
> > Anyway - the problem of corrupted DBs doesn't only apply to FB. I have had
> > exactly the same experience using dBase. You have to force the OS to write
> > to disk immediately after a post in order to ensure that it does get
> > written before anything else happens.
>It was one of the reasons we switched to the codebase library early on.
>dBase would always loose data, codebase would only loose what had not
>been actually saved. dBase ( and Interbase ) lost all the data from the
>start of the day (the last time you started the program)!

I know this is wandering a bit, but ....

We have found that (in some cases) the only way we could ensure data
integrity was to write stuff to a text file (ASCII text) which never seemed
to be a problem (as long as you call flush).

We also found, using Delphi, that there were (and are) ways of forcing the
OS (up to and including XP) to write to the disk immediately for dBase files.

We still install everything with FORCED WRITES on though ... plenty of our
Engineers have had a flea in their ear from me after a DB crash has
revealed that FORCED WRITES was not on ...

I think Ann once said that the vast majority of corrupted DBs were caused
by FORCED WRITES not being on.



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