Subject Re: Target Machine actively refused it
Author Adam
When you attempt to connect to a port on a win2003 machine which
doesn't have something listening to it, you get an active refusal.
The easiest way to test is to type

"telnet localhost 3050"

in a dos box. If the box goes blank, the connection was successful.
Otherwise, you will get an error.

10053 and 10054 are Winsock Error messages.

For detailed information on these two messages, check out:

My guess is that something is causing Firebird to crash. If you
switch off the Guardian, you will probably find it never recovers
itself. Obviously, any connections to FB are forcibly closed (winsock
10054) when this happens, and no connections can be made to 3050
until FB is restarted by the guardian.

I can't tell you what would crash Firebird. Possibly a rogue UDF or a
corrupt fdb file, but I hope I was of some help.


<gkrishna@j...> wrote:
> Hi List,
> Strange problem.
> We have Firebird SS 1.0 6.2.794 with Guardian running on a twin
processor Windows 2003 server.
> we have CPU_AFFINITY set to 2
> All clients are able to connect and function properly.
> Intermittently the clients will freeze. (Stop responding). At this
time new clients cannot connect.
> During this time when we try to connect using a debugger we get a
> "No Connection could be made because the target machine actively
refused it"
> This happens on other machines on the network as well as the
machine on which Firebird Server (Windows 2003) is running.
> Our clients are written using Delphi and IBO
> Sometimes after sometime the problem will get solved on its own.
> However if we restart Firebird Server the problem is definetely
solved and clients are able to work.
> This happens about 3 to 4 times a day. During this time the
Interbase .log on both client and server is showing 10054 and 10053
> At this time if we check in task manager the CPU activity is not
more than 20 to 25% and the memory usage is also quite reasonable
> Can anybody give me some idea of what the problem could be
> Regards
> gk
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