Subject Re: [firebird-support] Affinity and embedded
Author Nando Dessena

SB> 1. Does the embedded FB 1.5.2 use firebird.conf or is it not necessary? If not,
SB> can I remove it from the application's folder?

AFAIK it's optional. If you are satisfied with the default settings I
think you can safely leave it out of the installation. I do that in
one case.

SB> 2. If yes for 1, do I have to check (and/or uncomment) the CpuAffinityMask
SB> parameter for embedded?

I don't know. Unless the usage of that parameter has been explicitly
disabled in fbembed builds, which I doubt, it should be usable and it
should apply to the embedding executable.

SB> 3. If yes for 2, is a value of 1 always good or does it depend on the machine?
SB> Or is it best to leave the parameter commented?

My rule of thumb is I don't touch it until the customers complain. ;-)

Nando Dessena