Subject RE: [firebird-support] Highly variable text data
Author Chad Z. Hower
:: A varchar will be stored on disk with the trailing blanks
:: compressed to two bytes. A memo field will use eight bytes
:: plus 17 bytes (blob header & page index) plus the length of
:: the data on page, plus data. A varchar will use its
:: declared length plus two bytes in a network transfer (I
:: think - there's been talk about changing that and I don't
:: know the current status), but a blob is a whole separate call.

Thanks. I was under the assumption that they were stored as full length as
some dbs too. Im glad its not.

When you say talk of changingg this - to what? Storing the full length? If
we are changing things - Id like to see a memo option that causese it to be
retrieved inline. I often use memos for smaller data that in some rows might
get big, but is usually quite small. Would be a perfect "tuning" optin on
the field options.

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