Subject IBOConsole: Invalid KeyLinks entry
Author Sibylle Koczian
Hello, all,

I've asked this on December 20 but didn't get any response. Is there a
better place to go with IBOConsole problems? On the download page I can't
find anything, googling with 'IBOConsole' didn't give me anything usable

Thanks for any sort of hint,

>Using IBOConsole with Firebird 1.5, I get this error whenever I try to
>execute a select statement in IBOConsole, if
>1) I'm using a dialect 3 database,
>2) the primary key of the table is not part of the field list of the
>3) the field list contains an arithmetic expression involving either a
>multiplication or the primary key, and
>4) the offending expression is not enclosed in (otherwise unnecessary)
>Every single one of these four conditions is necessary to produce the
>error message, which doesn't seem to make sense.
>Example: table t_tab has the primary key tab_nr (smallint), char field
>tab_id, integer fields h_sieg, a_sieg.
>Query 1: "SELECT tab_id, h_sieg + a_sieg AS punkte FROM t_tab"
>Query 2: "SELECT tab_id, 3*(h_sieg + a_sieg) AS punkte FROM t_tab"
>Query 3: "SELECT tab_nr, tab_id, 3*(h_sieg + a_sieg) AS punkte FROM
>Query 4: "SELECT tab_id, h_sieg + tab_nr AS unsinn FROM t_tab"
>Query 5: "SELECT tab_id, (3*(h_sieg + a_sieg)) AS punkte FROM t_tab"
>Query 1, 3 and 5 work normally, query 2 and 4 produce the error
>message. All five queries work normally, with correct results, if
>executed in isql or via a python script using kinterbasdb.
>Additional small anomaly: since updating IBOConsole to the
>message appears in Italian, though I've chosen English in the options
>dialog. The same with some of the tooltips in the toolbar of the main

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