Subject Re: [firebird-support] Problem dropping/creating table in Win98se
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:51 PM 10/01/2005 +0000, you wrote:

>I am using Firebird 1.5 as a server and Visual Basic 6 as a client.
>I am experiencing a problem after dropping a table and then creating
>the same table from Visual Basic. The table is successfully dropped
>and created, however, when I attempt to open a recordset from this
>table I get an error ("Unpecified error").
>This happens on two computers running Windows 98 Second Edition. It
>works fine on a computer running Windows XP. Is there a difference
>in using Firebird 1.5 with different operating systems that would
>cause this behavior?

There's not enough information here to know what's going on. I suggest you
betake yourself to whichever forum is appropriate for the data access
interface you are using (firebird-net-devel for the NET providers,
firebird-odbc-devel for the ODBC driver - subscribe links are on the
Firebird website). When you do, be sure to mention what exact versions of
everything you are using. (server, client, drivers, VB).

On the Win98SE machines check to make sure that the Windows C and C++
runtime libraries are installed. They should be in the c:\windows\ or
c:\windows\system32 directory, names msvcrt.dll and msvcp60.dll,
respectively. If you find one or both of them missing, you can try to use
copies of the versions in your firebird \bin directory. However, they
might not be compatible with such an old version of Windows....if that's
the case, search the MSN site for the appropriate pack.