Subject Re: Can't run GBak on Suse Linux
Author dirknaudts
Hi Don,

Try ./gbak
or /etc/firebird/bin/gbak

instead of just gbak


Dirk Naudts.

--- In, "Gollahon, Don"
<don.gollahon@a...> wrote:
> I can't run gbak from the command prompt. I'm in the proper
> I can do "ls -l" and I see it there, but when I type "gbak" and hit
> enter it says "bash: gbak: command not found". I'm currently
> as root so there shouldn't be any rights issues, right? Actually,
> the command-line utils give me this error.
> Firebird 1.5.2, Suse Linux 8.1.
> Note that Firebird is running and I can access the employee.fdb
from a
> Windows XP workstation just fine and I can create databases from
> XP to the Linux Firebird.
> Thanks.
> Don Gollahon
> (don.gollahon@a...)
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