Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Generators for auto-increment - with override
Author Daniel L. Miller
Daniel L. Miller wrote:

>My question now is how to handle "tinkering". Particularly when
>developing a new database/application, it's typical to add or change
>records without going through the "proper" procedures (for example, I
>use ibwebadmin, which forces an entry in primary key fields without
>checking the result of the before insert trigger). So the generator
>can get "behind" in its numbering.
>If I want to implement "generator protection" - where should I place
>it? In the before-inserts, the after-updates, both, or elsewhere? Is
>this something I should keep in my production environment as a form of
>defensive programming? I'm envisioning something like (and I haven't
>tried this yet):
> SELECT MAX(id) FROM jobs INTO :t_id;
> t_gen = GEN_ID( g_job_id, 0 );
> IF ( t_id > t_gen ) THEN
> t_id = GEN_ID( g_job_id, ( t_id - t_gen ) );
Thanks very much for the responses - but they don't quite answer my
questions. To re-state:

Question #1: Where should I implement "generator protection" -
before or after inserts/updates?
Question #2: Should I keep this "protection" in a production