Subject RE: [firebird-support] Looking for ideas - price change history
Author Bob Murdoch

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> Sent: Thursday, January 06, 2005 10:05 PM
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> >Ah, there's the rub. This assumes that there will be a price
> >every day.
> No, it assumes that your logic (trigger or application) will
> write a a corresponding SKU_Pricing record each time a unique
> combination of sku_number and date_received enters the
> Inventory table.

I believe I may not have fully stated the problem domain. This
application is not OLTP, it's closer to OLAP. We receive data files
regarding inventory on a daily basis, containing yesterdays
information. Likewise, we receive data files containing sku
information (description, color, size, cost, retail) on a daily basis,
reflecting yesterdays information.

The pricing information I am looking for is not defined by the
inventory, it is defined by the most recent sku values as of the date
of receipt.

I cannot guarantee that I will receive the sku information prior to
receiving the inventory information. Therefore, I cannot rely on a
trigger of the inventory table to manage the sku pricing table. They
need to be maintained independently.

> A sticky "something".... to extract information from the data
> you store, you have to have the right data stored. IOW, to
> derive facts from the abstract stuff that's in your tables,
> you have to design tables that store data which are actually
> capable of being used to derive those facts.

Yes, that is precisely why I posted the question here (twice, as a
matter of fact <g>).

Thank you,

Bob M..