Subject Re: [firebird-support] Fb & rpm woes
Author Nick Upson
In article <>, Helen Borrie
> At 01:36 PM 6/01/2005 +0000, you wrote:
> >How do I correct this? <Begging voice> Please <\Begging voice>
> :-) Calm down, NIck.
> >[root@ueserv1 opt]# rpm -iv FirebirdSS-
> >Preparing packages for installation...
> > package FirebirdSS- is already installed
> >[root@ueserv1 opt]# rpm -ev FirebirdSS-
> >error: package FirebirdSS- is not installed
> Oh dear. Can you su to the user that installed the package and then query
> to see what the rpm database manager can see?
> rpm -qa | grep -i Firebird

installed as root:

[root@ueserv1 opt]# rpm -qa|grep -i Firebird

> >(ibadmin reports, RC9 which is what I thought I was running)
> If ibadmin is reporting *anything* then the server is running and you won't
> be able to uninstall the package. If that's what was really getting in the
> way, just shutting down the server might get you back on the rails.

Shutdown server rpm results still the same

[root@ueserv1 opt]# rpm -ev FirebirdSS-
error: package FirebirdSS- is not installed

> (then I tried to rpm -uv which helen says is a no no, now I'm stuck)
> I can recall getting the rpm database into a mess once when installing all
> the compatibility packages for Kylix 2 and eventually getting it
> straightened out by fiddling about with fake updates. If you really have
> stuffed up the rpm database, you could try to clean up by doing
> rpm -U --nodeps FirebirdSS-

[root@ueserv1 opt]# rpm -U --nodeps FirebirdSS-
package FirebirdSS- is already installed

> If the command runs, that's cool. After it's done, THEN
> 1) check whether the server is running and if so, shut it down
> 2) erase the package
> From there you should be good to go on a proper install. In fact, if the
> package really isn't installed at the time you do rpm -U it will do an -i
> anyway. The trouble is, at the moment you don't know what you've got.
> I don't know what to suggest otherwise.
> ./hb
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