Subject RE: [firebird-support] creating users
Author Alan McDonald
> Hi
> Is it possible to create users by calling a stored procedure ?.
> In Helens book there is a procedure to install permissions so I was
> wondering if the same was possible with users ?.
> Otherwise is it possible to create users using the FB db alias
> facility as I don't really want users to worry about where the
> security db is held if possible.
> Up until now I have used thrid party tools to do this.
> Rgds
> Peter

You can use a combination of items/components for this.
If you use IBO it's easiest.
BDS components have a nice user list component.
You do need to use the IBO IB_Session1.GetISC4Path function to acquire the
path of the security database.
You would benefit from modifications to security.fdb to allow users the
ability to change their own password. see Helen's Book
Here's a summary anyway